Strange Bedfellows

Politics, they say sometimes makes strange bedfellows. The Hornet’s Nest blog,  full name – From The Hornet’s Nest ,  has been making life difficult for many RBKC councillors for quite a while now, and has lately become a staunch supporter of the Grenfell Action Group.

Dame Hornet, as she is affectionately known, pours scorn on the puerile and self-serving shenanigans of the worst RBKC councillors and their officers, sometimes by whistle-blowing, more often by criticising their wasteful and often crackpot decision-making.

The Dame has helped us in the past by posting timely updates on the twists and turns of the KALC planning process, and has helped more recently with invaluable moral support and by advertising our blog to her followers, thus helping us establish our own readership.

We have no hesitation in fully endorsing the Hornet’s Nest blog – a must read for anyone interested in the inside story from the corridors of power at Hornton Street.

From The Hornet’s Nest

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