Reprovided Sports Pitches – Part Two

Regular readers will recall our recent item on the so-called reprovision of the Lancaster Green sports pitches at Westway Sports Centre.

The Council paid Westway Development Trust £75,000 to resurface a couple of tennis courts because they were desperate to justify the loss of the much needed and well used football pitches at Lancaster Green.

We described in our earlier piece the inappropriateness of the Westway site for reprovision of our sports pitches.  The site is too remote from Lancaster West, and is surrounded by motorway ramps, and subject to the air pollution hazards that must surely arise at that location.

We recently sent one of our intrepid undercover paparizzi to take some snapshots of the newly resurfaced pitches at Westway, that the children of Lancaster West are highly unlikely ever to use.

Unfortunately it rained on the day and he had to send his models home. He wasn’t able to get any decent shots as a result, just this one, showing the new olympic length swimming pool that Westway Trust apparently threw in as a bonus, presumably because they were so grateful for all the lovely lolly that RBKC gave them, no questions asked.

But seriously folks……..

Surely they didn’t really pay £75,000 for this sodden rubbish?

How strange, and how infuriating, that we had to fight tooth and nail for double-glazed windows to protect our worst affected residents from the dust and noise that the KALC construction works will cause.

We are still awaiting an answer on that issue.

Meanwhile the Westway Trust must surely be laughing all the way to the bank.

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