CONDEM Government Vandalises School Sports

Here’s another timely epilogue to follow our item of a few days ago (An Olympic Legacy) criticising the paucity of outdoor sports provision in the new RBKC academy schools.

The Guardian newspaper, and the BBC News website, are both reporting today that the education secretary, Michael Gove, has further relaxed government regulations that set out the minimum outdoor space schools have to provide for team games;

The new School Premises (England) Regulations 2012 were approved on 19th July, a week before the Olympics’ opening ceremony, and will come into force at the end of October

Under the previous rules, the School Premises Regulations 1999, secondary schools were required to provide pitches ranging from 5,000 sq metres (54,000 sq ft) for the smallest schools to 35,000 sq metres for schools with 600 pupils or more.

The new regulations for schools in England state simply that “suitable” outdoor space must be provided to teach PE and let pupils play outside.

As previously reported on this blog, this is all part of a broader relaxation of rules on school buildings, and includes even the scrapping of minimum requirements for washing facilities for pupils.

According to the reports, since he has been in office Michael Gove has approved 22 applications for the disposal of playing fields. The recent grand statements from the CONDEM government, about the glorious sporting legacy they will sponsor and support from the 2012 Olympics, are thus revealed as the same old opportunistic and deceitful spin and lies that we have rightly come to expect from this vicious and unprincipled rabble.

Do these people have a political ideology that explains or justifies this kind of vandalism as a means to some kind of ostensibly noble political end, or is it all just as incompetent and capricious as it seems?

Is it any wonder that in Kensington & Chelsea, a breeding ground for these unprincipled hooligans, we can expect no decent sports provision in our schools, at least not in the schools provided for the children of the less well-heeled?

Let’s have a general election tomorrow and kick this appalling rabble out.

Not much chance, unfortunately, of throwing them out of Hornton Street too.

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