Never Fear – We’re Still Here

If you are checking back looking for recent updates, and are hoping that we haven’t given up the ghost – rest assured we haven’t. We do, however, need a little space to recover from the body blow that we suffered last week with the approval of the planning application, and perhaps not surprisingly, we’ve had some issues with illnes in our editorial team. Despite this we are still working away behind the scenes preparing our next moves in the face of this appalling decision.

More news on that coming soon.

In the meantime here’s a wee snippet, just to keep you amused, from the revised transport assessment submitted as part of the planning application.

“It is understood that the current leisure centre does not have a daily arrival of large coaches, instead, between two and three mini-buses would generally arrive to drop-off leisure centre users before vacating the site. These mini-buses would then return to the site to collect the leisure centre users. The need for long dwell times on-site for coaches and mini-buses is therefore not an essential part of the existing leisure centre’s activity, which, under the new leisure centre proposals this activity will see an increase in mini-bus activity in the order of four to five drop-off and collection movements per day, mostly associated with local schools.”

The picture above, obviously, shows three of these WEE SMALL MINIBUSES waiting in the main carpark on a typical schoolday. Unfortunately, on this occasion the WEE SMALL MINIBUSES all showed up at the same time (oops), all parked up to await the return of their respective school parties (oops again), and all appeared to be victims of the obesity epidemic we have all read so much about in the news lately (big oops).

Wouldn’t it just be a crying shame if they had got this little detail completely wrong –  about the WEE SMALL MINIBUSES?

(PS – We told them they were wrong – but they wouldn’t listen)

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