A Call-In Or Not A Call-In?

Readers will recall that we recently appealed to the Mayor of London, and to the Secretary Of State for Communities And Local Government, seeking a call-in of the KALC planning decision. We are still awaiting a response from the Secretary Of State, but last week at the eleventh hour we got one from the Mayor’s office which said;

“This application has not been referred to the Mayor although according to the floorspace set out in the application form it falls within the criteria to be referred to the Mayor as it is more than 20,000 sq.m. floorspace. We are curenty investigating this…..The Council have now confirmed that they will be referring the application to us.  As such the GLA will be doing a combined Stage I and II response.  We will contact you again when we know the timescale for the report.”

The wording of this response is less than entirely clear, and so it’s hard to say with certainty exactly what it means, other than that RBKC appear to have been as sloppy and arrogant towards the Mayor, as they had been all along towards us. This does however seem to offer a glimmer of hope. We have been advised that the Stage I response referred to would involve an assessment of whether or not the application warrants a call-in. A Stage II response would therefore seem to imply that the application will indeed be called-in so that a fuller and independent assessment can be made of it.


Meanwhile, we thought our readers might like to check out some recent posts on the Hornet’s Nest blog suggesting that the suspicions we raised, of collusion between officers in the planning department and property developers seeking planning permission, are in fact widespread in this Rotten Borough.



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