A Small Victory


We received the following yesterday in an email from Peter Wright at RBKC, one of the head honchos for the KALC project:

“Leadbitter have been instructed to re-open the n/s route across the site as soon as possible, while ensuring that the safety of pedestrians is maintained. Please do not attempt to access the site until the appropriate fencing is in place, some has been installed today and more will arrive tomorrow – the gates will then be opened. As per Mr McCool’s email of last week a temporary order to close the rights of way on site will be made starting from 1st February, when they will be shut.”

This was just one small victory snatched from an implaccable enemy that is utterly indifferent to the hardship caused to residents of this community, young and old alike, who have seen their trees butchered, their open space enclosed behind ten foot walls, and their rights-of-way illegally denied.

Don’t you find it a bit off that this brief Council statement contains not even the slightest trace of an apology for their illegal actions in denying our right-of-way without due process, and the very real hardship this has caused to residents?

If we hear any more on this we will post it here as promised.

Meanwhile, make the most of this kids, because it won’t last long!

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