Sleeping On The Job


Our regular readers will no doubt have noticed that we have begun expanding our sphere of operations lately and have begun to confront the negligence and incompetence of Lancaster West and TMO management. This new focus might have something to do with the fact that local residents got no support from these august bodies, and no protection from them, when faced with even the worst excesses of the KALC planners

In keeping with the spirit of our expanded agenda we reproduce below, with the consent of the Grenfell Tower Leaseholders Association, an email they sent to Ms Rumble at Lancaster West, and various others at the TMO, during this last weekend. Anyone with previous experience of contacting the TMO out–of-hours emergency service will be familiar with the response(?) that Grenfell Tower residents received on this occasion:

” Sun, 3 Feb 2013 23:19:20

To The Estate Manager and Officers of Lancaster West Estate,

We the residents of Grenfell Tower hope you all had a very good weekend.  Unfortunately, we all did not. The residents of Grenfell Tower suffered from a lack of running water for three days.

To describe our situation in some detail now. We could not flush the Toilet, we could not cook, and we could not wash. But worse of all, when individuals from the block called, we are bluntly told a lie. We are told that no one has called to complain apart from one individual.

The TMO have failed to realise that these scripted words mean very little when there are 120 homes each suffering from the same plight. We know how many people actually called to report the incident; we do not appreciate a lack of honesty in such a difficult situation. To add to this debacle, one of the lifts is not working properly.

Some of the residents were told to call Thames Water instead of TMO, and that it has nothing to do with the TMO. We would thus like to know when there is no running water, who is responsible for providing us with this essential and vital service…on a weekend.

Furthermore, Grenfell Tower has become very difficult to access now, especially carrying shopping. These circumstances thus made it a very frustrating weekend for all, most of all the elderly.

The weekend was very chaotic and stressful. Please let the residents know how you are planning  to compensate us for this serious inconvience.

On behalf of
Grenfell Tower Leaseholders Association and the residents of Grenfell Tower”

Wake Up You Lazy Deceitful Incompetent Shower!

Our Community Deserves Better Than This!

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