We are very pleased to be able to report at last the imminent departure of Pooter Cockell as Leader of the Council. His departure is long overdue.

We couldn’t help but notice the glowing tributes paid to the little dictator by Councillor Coleridge, the Cabinet Member for Housing and Property, with whom we have often crossed swords over the hated KALC development at Lancaster Green.

Slightly more puzzling, although not entirely surprising, is the similar tribute paid by our own Councillor Blakeman, leader of the so-called Labour opposition group at RBKC.

You can read both of these eulogies here in the K&C Chronicle.

In the interests of balance we would also highly recommmend that you read the various recent items posted by our friends on the Hornet’s Nest blog who have long campaigned for a change of leadership at Hornton Street.

Our own feelings on Pooters departure can be simply expressed with the words:


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