paget-brownOur recent open letter to the new leader elect of the Council was, of course, emailed to him before we published it on our blog. It received the following very positive response from Councillor Paget-Brown:

Thank you so much for your message of congratulation. I do appreciate it and am greatly looking forward to becoming Leader on 22nd May at the Annual Meeting of the Council. I didn’t actually post my manifesto – it was posted for me – but subsequently a number of residents asked if they could have a copy and I sent this out removing only a small section about internal matters which I didn’t think would be of relevance to anyone other than the Councillors.

Once I have “bedded in” a bit I will be very happy to visit you and to discuss the problems you have raised. I know too that my colleague, Cllr Tim Coleridge, is in regular contact with you and other residents of Lancaster West.

Regards…….Nick Paget-Brown

Now we can only wait and hope that his actions as leader will match the promise implicit in his warm words.

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