Some of us have wasted a fair bit of time and energy in recent months complaining to KALC contractors Leadbitters about such nuisances as the constant shaking and vibration of our homes caused by their heavy machinery, the noise, the dirt, and the stink of diesel exhaust fumes hanging in the air etc etc etc.

Most of these complaints have been dismissed as illegitimate, frequently by denying the obvious, and lying barefaced to the complainants.

Here’s a thought. Leadbitters are registered members of the so-called Considerate Constructors Scheme, although this membership is something of a running joke at Lancaster West these days.

Perhaps if residents were to direct all their complaints to the CCS in future, we might be able to breach the wall of denial behind which Leadbitters have been doing their dirty work. We might even be able to get them booted off the scheme. (Pigs might fly)

The CCS has a freephone number. You can call them on  0800 783 1423 and lodge your complaint. Why not give it a try?

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