We strongly recommend to our readers that they immediately visit, if they haven’t already done so, Emma Dent Coad’s blog. Her two most recent postings expose the horrendously poor quality of work and design on the redeveloped Wornington Green Estate, which is located off the upper end of Portobello Road, just a stone’s throw from Lancaster West.

The posts in question are her three most recent –  the first entitled “The Final Betrayal of Wornington Green…”  on 25th July,  followed by a sequel  entitled “The Sheet Of  Shame…” on 30th July,  and a further sequel ” The Pond Of Despond…” on 31th July.

For the benefit of those who didn’t already know, Wornington Green is in the northernmost Golborne Ward that Emma represents as a Labour councillor. Her blog includes lots of pictures of the offending negligent/incompetent workmanship and poor design, and as always, the accompanying text is essential reading also.

Perhaps residents of our own Grenfell Tower may have reason to fear that similar poor workmanship might be in store for them also, when and if the long awaited Grenfell Tower refurbishment finally gets the green light from the Council’s planners.

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