In our previous post (Who Killed Bambi) we attached a number of documents, among which was a single sample of the many invoices submitted to RBKC by Arvinda Gohil for her services as Chair of Lancaster West EMB between 2009 and 2010.

We thought our readers might be interested to see one other of Ms Gohil’s  invoices which, in our opinion, is of particular interest. The invoice in question details Ms Gohil’s charges for facilitating an away-day for EMB members in February 2010.

LINK – Invoice 2

The ‘away-day’ description is more than a little misleading as the venue was in fact the London Lighthouse in Lancaster Road, which is just a few hundred yards up the road from Lancaster West. Any board members who might have thought they were actually going away somewhere for the day must therefore have been a wee bit disappointed.

However, the proximity of the venue didn’t stop Ms Gohil claiming expenses for her personal accommodation and travel in the princely sum of £489.81. If you add vat to this at 17.5% the total of her expenses claim for that day came to £575.74, and the total cost to the EMB for the full event was £2161.78.

We think her expenses claim appears to be somewhat excessive, particularly when compared with the more modest expenses claims she normally submitted.  As far as we know this was never queried or properly explained.

Make of it what you will.

All we would dare to say is:



According to TMO documents in our possession (dated 2009) TMO Board Members were  paid at that time £110.80 a month to cover incidental expenses including attendance at Board and Committee meetings, awaydays and training sessions. The Vice Chairs received £138.50 a month, and the Chair received £166.20 a month. In addition, Board Members could also claim expenses for broadband services, care for a child or dependent adult, attendance at special meetings, such as major contract meetings  or conferences outside the Borough.

Compare this, if you will, with the expenses allowed to EMB Board Members  – a mere £6 per board meeting attended, and extra for child-care where appropriate.


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