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During the brutal RBKC Council land grab, in October 2012, of the residential amenity space adjacent  to Grenfell Tower, our beloved green space (ie Lancaster Green) disappeared behind a 10ft high Berlin Wall.  Since then our once cherished parkland has remained out of bounds to local residents.

Since then the local community has looked on confused and aghast by the fact that this much needed green space has remained hidden behind hoardings, denied to the community as amenity space, while it remains untouched by the KALC construction work.  Clearly the landscaping of the open space around the new academy and leisure centre cannot proceed untl the new building complex is nearing completion. We are entitled to wonder, therefore, why these parts of Lancaster Green were fenced off and their use denied to the community when there was never any intention to expedite any works in this area, probably until some time next year.

Some time ago members of the Grenfell Action Group approached the Council’s contractor, Leadbitter, with the perfectly cogent suggestion that the green space in question might be returned for the community’s use until it is eventually needed for landscaping as part of the KALC project.  At present, there is no green space or playsplace anywhere within the vicinity of Grenfell Tower.

Please see below the complete lack of response that we got from Leadbitters’ employees, Mr Lynch and Ms Jeffs, to our perfectly reasonable and legitimate request.

One would imagine that a construction company as large as Leadbitter, and a member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, would have some sort of service standard that it’s administrative staff are meant to adhere to in relation to responding to emails in a timely fashion and treating residents concerns with proper courtesy.

It appears that Ms Jeffs and her colleagues have no interest in either these protocols or in treating local residents with any semblance of respect or dignity.

And they wonder why Leadbitters are so despised and resented by the vast majority of the Lancaster West community.


To: robertlynch@leadbitter.co.uk
CC: mail@zerofrancis.plus.com
Subject: Re: Reclaiming green space for Lanc West Residents
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013

Dear Rob,
A few weeks ago I bumped into you on Lancaster West Estate and asked you if you would investigate the possibility of some of the green space behind Leadbitter offices and additional green space (adjacent to the caretakers office) being returned for use by our community until such time as the KALC landscaping takes place and the land has to be returned back to the contractors.

We spoke about the possibility of one section of land being made available for residents and one for dog owners.
Please could you update me with any progress that you have made with this request and, what reasons, if any are preventing the fencing being altered to allow residents at least some green amenity space?

It is difficult for residents to currently understand why we are being denied access to these areas as they sit totally dormant.

To: robertlynch@leadbitter.co.uk
CC: liz.jeffs@bouygues-uk.com
Subject: FW: Reclaiming green space for Lanc West Residents
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013

Dear Mr Lynch,
Please can you provide me with a response to the questions I asked you in email dated Friday 13th Sept.

To: liz.jeffs@bouygues-uk.com
CC: robertlynch@leadbitter.co.uk
Subject: FW: Reclaiming green space for Lanc West Residents
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2013

Dear Ms Jeffs,
Please could you explain why I haven’t received a reply from Mr Lynch with regards the below issue?

To: robertlynch@leadbitter.co.uk
CC: liz.jeffs@bouygues-uk.com; shelley.gittens@rbkc.gov.uk
Subject: FW: Reclaiming green space for Lanc West Residents
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2013

Dear Mr Lynch,
I have written to the KALC Resident Forum and requested that the below matter is placed on the Agenda for their meeting on 17th Oct.
Please can you provide me with a summary of the steps that you have taken to forward this matter and to allow some green space to be returned to residents?
Please let me know who you have contacted at RBKC Council and what progress you have made, to date, so I can bring this information to the meeting.

To: lizjeffs@leadbitter.co.uk
Subject: FW: Reclaiming green space for Lanc West Residents
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013

Dear Ms Jeffs,
Please can you inform me why your employee, Mr Lynch, finds it appropriate to deny me the courtesy of answering my perfectly legitimate questions posed in the trail of emails above?
Please can you ensure that I am provided with the information that I have requested prior to this week’s Resident Forum?
Please can you also ensure that the matter of workmen continuing to commence work prior to 8.00am on the KALC site will be placed onto the Agenda for Thursday’s Resident Forum?

We would dare to suggest, based on the above one-sided correspondence, and on similarly frustrating past experience of Leadbitters local public relations practices, that Ms Jeffs and her colleagues are the complete waste of space referred to in our title, and we would strongly suggest also that the so-called Considerate Constructors Scheme be included in this same category.

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