We thought Grenfell Tower residents might be interested in the email below, sent by one resident on 17th October to Robin Yu, who handles Freedom of Information requests on the Council’s behalf. No criticism of Mr Yu is intended or implied in this post. In our experience he does his job competently and conscientously. On this occasion he quite properly referred the request to the Council’s legal team, who appear to have treated it with little respect.


Dear Mr Yu,
Please could you ask RBKC Legal Services when I can expect to be given the information that I first requested, nearly thirty working days ago, on the 10th September 2013?
I was previously informed that I would be contacted by Legal Services on either Monday 14th or Tuesday 15th October but I have yet to receive any response. 
As I stated previously I require the information that I have requested in order to commence legal proceedings against RBKC Council as a result of their attempts to deny residents insurance payments and to cover up the seriousness of the catastrophic power surges that occurred in Grenfell Tower for three weeks in May 2013.
Please can you advise me what steps I can take to raise a formal objection to the length of time it is taking RBKC Legal Services to provide me with with this information?
Kind regards,
A N Other.


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