Grenfell Tower Emergency Residents Meeting


All residents of Grenfell Tower (Tenants, Leaseholders, renters, etc) are invited to attend an Emergency Residents Meeting to be held in the Caretakers Office at the base of Grenfell Tower at 6.30 pm on Wednesday 18th June. This meeting will be run by the residents of Grenfell Tower for the residents of Grenfell Tower.

RBKC Councillors (Labour and Conservative), Officers and representatives of the TMO will not be invited.

We wish to meet together to discuss the Council and the TMO’s shameful handling of the supposed Grenfell Tower improvement works that were originally meant to commence at the same time as the KALC project.

We wish to discuss a vote of “no confidence” in Claire Williams and the TMO and their ability to manage the Grenfell Tower improvement works properly.

We wish to discuss the TMO’S refusal to allow the residents of Grenfell Tower to form a Residents Group to help us through the improvement works and we demand that the views of the residents of Grenfell Tower be taken seriously by the TMO and not be simply ignored.

We retain the right to discuss various ways of making the TMO understand that residents of Grenfell Tower are fed up of being ignored and abused by our Landlord (eg rent strike, direct action, etc).

We urge all residents of Grenfell Tower to attend the meeting on Wednesday 18th June at 6.30 pm to show the TMO that their tactics of “divide and rule” will not defeat us.

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