Aldridge Foundation To Pay London Living Wage


Back in late 2013 the Grenfell Action Group contacted the Aldridge Foundation and requested that all catering and cleaning employees’ at the Kensington Aldridge Academy (KAA) be respected and be paid the London Living Wage:

Our hopes that this request might be honoured by the Aldridge Foundation seemed to take a nosedive a few weeks ago when we spotted that the Academy was trying to recruit staff on the cheap:

Volunteering | Volunteer Centre Chelsea and Kensington

It was, therefore, a very welcome surprise when David Benson, the Headmaster of KAA contacted a member of the Grenfell Action Group last week and informed us that he had negotiated for all staff at KAA to be paid the London Living Wage.

Mr Benson stated that to ensure this would happen cleaning and catering staff would be employed directly by the Academy and that this work would not be contracted out to companies paying minimum wage/zero hours contracts etc.

The Grenfell Action Group salutes Mr Benson and his success in bringing the London Living Wage to all KAA employees. While we are aware that Mr Benson helped ensure that staff at his previous teaching post received the London Living Wage we are delighted that the Aldridge Foundation have actually listened to the wishes of our local community.

After years of abuse and oppression from Councillors (Labour and Conservative) and Officers of the RBKC Council regarding the imposition of KAA it is refreshing that the Aldridge Foundation have shown a willingness to listen to and work towards the well-being of the Lancaster West community.
With KAA and Lancaster West residents now forced to live cheek by jowl let’s hope that the Aldridge Academy will continue to respect the existing Lancaster West community.

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