Paget-Brown Washes His Hands

pilate washes his handsWe published an open letter to Nick Paget-Brown recently complaining about the contemptuous attitudes and actions of the TMO and its’ officers towards residents in general, and those at Lancaster West in particular. If you haven’t already read our letter you can find  it by scrolling down the page just a short way. Paget-Brown didn’t keep us waiting long for his reply (below), but in our view it says nothing remotely helpful:

“Thank you for your email of 10 December 2014 and for bringing your concerns to my attention. The Council does have a procedure for dealing with complaints about its services as does the TMO. If, at the conclusion of those procedures, you are dissatisfied with the outcome you can appeal to the Ombudsman and you will be advised of your right to do so at that time. I have, therefore, asked for your complaint to be referred to the Planning Department and the TMO.

Yours sincerely (?)

Cllr Nicholas Paget-Brown         Leader of the Council”

Our regular readers will already know that the RBKC and TMO complaints procedures are widely regarded as a bad joke throughout the borough, and in any case we have already referred our concerns to the Ombudsman, who appears so far to have responded positively. Our opinion of Paget-Brown’s officious and non-commital reply can best be summed up by the graphic we chose to illustrate this post – apologies to any of our readers from a non-christian background who may not ‘get’ the Pilate reference.

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