The Grenfell Action Group would like to share a campaign video put together by our neighbours and fellow Radical Housing Network members, ‘Our West Hendon’, highlighting their fight to protect their community from the threat of “social cleansing”.

We congratulate ‘Our West Hendon’ for their video that we believe captures the passion and emotion that fuels their campaign, and we warn residents of Lancaster West that we may well need to mount similar style resistance when Councillor Feilding-Mellen decides to “regenerate” our own community for the benefit of the rich and powerful.

‘Our West Hendon’ have no choice but to fight as the consequences of not doing so will result in the loss of their residencies and the displacement of their community. We at the Grenfell Action Group salute the fighting spirit of ‘Our West Hendon’  and their refusal to surrender their homes and their way of life.

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