Save Earl’s Court……No To Demolition – Yes To Community Control

Earls-Court-optimisedYesterday members of the Grenfell Action Group and the Radical Housing Network supported the protest by the Earl’s Court Area Action Group to help protect the residents of the West Kensington and Gibbs Green Estates from the threat of  “social cleansing”.

The demonstration was focused against the behaviour of the parasitic owners of Earl’s Court, Capco, and sought to highlight how both Capco and Transport for London have ignored the views of the local community in their desire to maximise profits.

If anyone thinks it is too late to fight for the future of Earl’s Court- it is worth remembering that Capco also own the site, just up the road, of Olympia. How long before the developers turn their attention to this prized piece of lucrative real estate and change the panorama of this much loved part of West Kensington forever? It is difficult to imagine the iconic venues of both Earl’s Court and Olympia replaced by sterile multi-million pound flats for foreign investors but this seems to be the reality facing local residents.

The Grenfell Action Group salute the efforts of the Earl’s Court Area Action Group to protect their community and we warn our readers that this may just be the start of a bigger fight!

You can watch a video clip of the demonstration via this link:

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