The picture illustrating today’s blog is one of those slick artist’s impressions we are all so familiar with, purporting to show how idyllic the regenerated Heygate Estate in Southwark might look and feel when it is finished. The reality will of course be a nastier and far more mercenary reality that prefigures a stark future for social housing in the U.K.

What was it George Orwell said in his classic novel ‘Animal Farm’ – “All animals are equal… but some are more equal than others”?

Orwell, of course, also suggested a far more sinister vision of the future in his nightmarish other classic ‘1984’ which might well be more appropriate to current circumstances. In his other classic Orwell offered a vision of the future with the words “…a boot stamping on a human face… forever”.

Anyway, the point of this somewhat melodramatic intro is simply to draw our readers attention to an excellent exposé published by the ’35percent Campaign’ which does some very interesting number crunching and presents the unvarnished truth about what is really happening to social housing, and the lies and deceit routinely used by landlords, social and otherwise, to hide the truth from us:

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