What the neo-cons in Hornton Street really fear:

Members of the Grenfell Action Group have understood for a long time that the one thing that RBKC Tories fear more than anything is that their immoral and contemptible treatment of the poor and excluded in this most Rotten Borough is exposed to the wider public.

RBKC Council loves nothing more than keeping issues like Councillor Feilding Mellen’s fascist policy for the social cleansing of North Kensington “in house” and these evil and in-human plans hidden away from of the knowledge of the local community, the general public and the wider Press.

No one from the RBKC Council can justify “social cleansing” all they can do is ensure that it’s whistle-blowers are suppressed.

As a consequence, we believe the most effective way of challenging the twisted ideology of the perverted “neo-cons” in Hornton Street is by exposing their heartless policies to all and sundry and explicitly holding them to account. We believe that this can be achieved by mass leafleting, use of existing communication networks and by the use of social media and robust protest and direct action.

RBKC Labour and the art of silent collusion:

It is the conviction of the Grenfell Action Group that it is the function of our RBKC Labour Councillors who have the resources and access to the Hornton Street grapevine to highlight the ill-treatment of our communities but, instead, it seems that they often collude in keeping such matters hidden. Recent examples of this can be found in RBKC Labour’s handling of pollution concerns at the Westway Sports pitches, lack of resistance to recent changes in RBKC housing policy and a complete failure to notify the Ladbroke Grove community of the threats associated with the Westway Development Trust.  If the true maxim of openness can be summed up in the statement “sunlight is the best disinfectant” then it appears that the RBKC Labour Group would do well to come out of the shade, reconsider their priorities and make their minds up where their true responsibility lies – ie with their constituents in the North Kensington ghetto, rather than with the neo-cons at the Town Hall, with whom they appear to have a far too cosy relationship.

Are RBKC Labour simply playing the Tories game?

Sadly, we have come to understand that Councillors from the RBKC Labour Group far too often collude to assist their Tory masters by ensuring that matters the tories wish to suppress remain suppressed and ensure that no one rocks the boat at the cosy little social club in the Town Hall.

In more recent times, the “neo-cons” at RBKC have made it their buisness to keep the loss of Maxilla Children’s Centre and the Westway Stables debacle under wraps and, likewise, the problems of the travellers community next door at Stable Way. This goes along with the neglect of various North Kensington social housing estates which the Tories would prefer to keep out of the media and away from public discussion and debate.

We therefore repeat our previous concerns to the North Kensington community that the RBKC Labour Group do not do nearly enough to publicise these issues and the plight of the affected communities.

It would seem that the RBKC Labour Group simply do not want to upset the Ruling Party in Hornton Street, possibly out of fear of them.  But for whatever reason, suppression of information seems to be the main game in Hornton Street. This is doing a gross disservice to local  residents and, if we are not careful, there will be nothing left in North Kensington worth fighting for, and that includes Maxilla Children’s Centre, the stables, the travellers community and our own homes, whether at Lancaster West or elsewhere in the borough!

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