Mock the Opera Demo. Tuesday 2nd June.


Mock The Opera Protest @ Holland Park (#MockOpera)

Tuesday, June 2 at 4:30pm

Holland Park in London,

We thank FocusE15 for helping share this important community event.

Despite the fact that the RBKC Council has £283 million in Capital Reserves and a five year underspend of £38 million the neo-cons in Hornton Street think it is right to squeeze the vulnerable to fund the indulgence of the more privileged.

This year RBKC have gifted Holland Park Opera a “no strings” attached subsidy of £5 million of local Council Tax payers money, bringing estimated “total” spend on propping up HPO to £20 million.

Meanwhile, the poor and excluded are being punished by the “richest borough in the universe” who have ruthlessly cut £150,000 from their Homelessness Prevention Scheme and refuse to fund or support vital community services like Westway Stables and Maxilla Nursery.

We call on our supporters to join us in a creative and imaginative demo against RBKC Council and the warped sense of priorities that sees funding of elitist Opera placed above the needs of our most vulnerable!

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