stables_image-12Anyone who lives in the Latimer Road or North Kensington area will know how precious the wonderful Westway Stables are to our community. It is utterly shameful that the land-grabbers at the Westway Trust don’t see things that way.

Anyway, local residents have a chance to assist Sarah Turvey and Westway Stables by taking five minutes to complete the Westway Trust survey on horse-riding under the flyover. The form is a bit of a tick box excerise but there is room for respondents to highlight the “social” side of the stables work and the amazing contribution that the stables make to the disabled and excluded in the local community.

As Sarah says “horses dont judge” and that is why her stables occupants are so healing to individuals with low self esteem and other confidence issues.

Please take a few minutes to help highlight how the Westway stables are an integral part of the North Kensington community the value of which cannot be fully measured.

Let’s help protect Sarah, her lovely horses and this vital asset and local resource. The survey closes on 8th June so time is running out!


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