simpsons-mobFollowing a recent attempted break-in at one of the homes in Grenfell Tower the ‘official’ notice below was posted by staff acting on the orders of the TMO Neighbourhood Manager Siobhan Rumble:

rumble-noticeIt is unfortunate that Ms Rumble’s warning not to ‘buzz-in’ unknown people ignores the fact, of which she should have been fully aware, that the secure door entry system has been out of commission for several weeks.

By way of riposte to this clumsy and incompetent attempt by Ms Rumble’s staff to warn residents of this recent incident the notice below was found posted in the lift at Grenfell Tower the following day. We have no idea who the author – Ninja Boy – might be, but we think his words, clearly indicating deep frustration and cynicism, fully deserve to be reproduced on this blog, and we have no hesitation in doing so. We are not responsible for the content, but we certainly sympathise and believe a great many Lancaster West residents will identify and empathise with the sentiments expressed.

Ninja-Boy2For the benefit of Ninja Boy, and any other of our readers who may be unaware of these details, we reproduce below extracts from the CV of Siobhan Rumble, published by her on the Linkedin website:

Her last job before joining Kensington & Chelsea TMO as Neighbourhood Manager for Lancaster West and Income Manager for all TMO properties, was with The Hyde Group, one of the biggest housing providers in the UK, where her job title was Head of Income for London and Kent.

At the Hyde Group she was responsible for a team of 26 staff including income assistants, income recovery officers, and a project manager for service charges & leasehold properties. Her priority in leading this team was to maximise the income for the London & Kent area which covered 14,000 properties and she was responsible for managing budgets, setting and monitoring service charges, effective performance management and development of staff.

We would suggest, based on this CV, that Ms Rumble is clearly overqualified for her position as Neighbourhood Manager at Lancaster West. We further suggest that this appointment was a mere pretext, and she was really brought in by the TMO, not to deliver essential services at Lancaster West, but for her expertise as a boroughwide income manager, who could be counted on for her ruthlessness in recovering rent arrears from TMO tenants throughout the rotten borough.

Ms Rumble recently added the passage below to her Linkedin profile:

“LOOKING FOR A NEW CHALLENGE. Having just super exceeded my targets in income recovery bringing KCTMO arrears to below a million (984k) the first time ever, I am looking for a new challenge, do bear me in mind if you have any vacancies.”

Clearly she takes an immense, and we would say unhealthy, pride in her ability to squeeze money from those who are most likely in arrears because they are already suffering financial hardship, due to wage stagnation, unemployment, benefit cuts or whatever.

We say good riddance to Rumble. We hope she will up anchor sooner rather than later. The only question that will then remain is whether the TMO will replace her with a proper manager whose primary concern will be the welfare of Lancaster West residents and the delivery of quality services to them. We think this highly unlikely as we are strongly of the opinion that the TMO, in collusion with RBKC, is deliberately running down Lancaster West for a variety of nefarious reasons, chief among them plans for a scorched earth ‘regeneration’ of the social housing estates of The Rotten Borough.

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