The residents of Silchester Estate, whose homes and community are under threat due to the imminent so-called ‘regeneration’ of their estate have posted the following urgent appeal for help. They launched a petition a little while ago which has already attracted more than 3000 signatures. However due to exigent circumstances they have now updated the petition and are urgently seeking more support and more signatures from any RBKC residents who care about their plight:

7 Dec 2015 — On Friday 27th November Kensington & Chelsea sent out a notification to the tenants of Silchester Estate informing them that architects had been employed and a resident consultation was to take place on Monday 30th November, thereby giving us one day’s notice! 37 tenants turned up for the consultation!

Under pressure from the tenants, that were able to attend, Ruth Angel from RBK&C agreed that they did not provide adequate notice to the tenants and would hold another consultation in January! There have been some very worrying developments in the proposal to demolish Silchester Estate so I would ask all the supporters for another big push on this petition. Please could I kindly ask that you share this petition on your FB or twitter feeds and email friends and family for support?


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