The Grenfell Action Group would like to highlight two important housing actions that are taking place this weekend, across our city, in the run up to the Kill the Housing Bill Demo on the 13th March. One action is being organised by the Radical Housing Network and the other by Our Brixton.

To highlight the malicious nature of the Housing Bill for all but the richest, some of us involved in the Radical Housing Network are planning direct action. We plan to set up a social centre in a highly politically significant space. When our community centres, libraries and homes are being taken away, we can reclaim space from the elite. People experiencing and challenging the housing crisis need cultural and creative spaces to share our struggles. And we need space to explore how the right to a secure home intersects with the other things we want, need, and are proud of in our lives – how the crisis affects us all differently, but how we’re all in it together.

Running this space as a social centre will involve a programme of workshops on practical and not-so-practical skills, advice drop-ins, discussions, cooking meals, performances, and a host of other events. There will be an action element discussed and decided at the centre as well. The social centre will run for the days preceding the demonstration on March 13th.

While property brokers buy up every square inch of our city, local authorities are forcing poor people to be housed out of London, with over 68,000 people in slum-condition temporary accommodation and millions more on council housing waiting lists. The government’s response is to push through a Housing Bill that marks the biggest attack on social housing provision we’ve ever seen.





The Grenfell Action Group are  also proud to make a call out for this coming Sunday’s Youth March for Housing that has been organised by the most excellent anti gentrification campaigners, ‘Our Brixton’.

Young people across London will be assembling in Brixton on Sunday 6th March to demand:

  • Stop demolishing our homes
  • Build more council houses
  • Councils: Resist applying the housing bill
  • Scrap the Housing Bill

This is the event page on Facebook:


Our Brixton are keen that any youth from the Ladbroke Grove area who would like to attend, speak, inform or perform at the event are invited to do so and the orgainsers of the march can be reached through;


The Grenfell Action Group recognises the many historical links between Brixton and Notting Hill and the history of resistance demonstrated by oppressed communities in both Brixton and Notting Hill. We are keen to build on and strengthen our pan-London networks and we celebrate any direct action taken by the younger generation to challenge housing policies that will deny them the chance of ever living in the city where they were born, or which has become their home.

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