National Demonstration For Health, Homes, Jobs, Education

HHEJThere are strong indications that the Housing Bill, currently making its way through Parliament, may be facing a series of profound defeats in the Lords and that the Government may be defeated on a dozen amendments which punch holes in the Bill. They would then face the choice in the Commons of accepting the amendments or sending the Bill back to the Lords, delaying it further. Neither option is appealing to David Cameron.

Meanwhile, the latest of many demonstrations against the Bill is scheduled for this Saturday – we need to keep up the pressure in the Lords, in the Commons, on our estates and on the streets.

The ‘Kill The Bill’ Campaign wants particularly to highlight the fact that, if passed, the Housing Bill will lead to increased homelessness. A National Sleepout has been called  and local groups have been asked to organise sleepouts at Town Halls, in solidarity with London’s homeless, on the night of Friday 15th April – the night before the National Demonstration publicised above.

There will be a protest at Hammersmith Town Hall at 8pm on Friday evening, and the plan is to move on from there to join the Southwark Sleepout outside Southwark Town Hall, 160 Tooley Street, SE1 2QH. Please come prepared to camp: bring tents, sleeping bags, food, donations & shopping trolleys for those who are currently homeless.



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