Crisis – Is Kensington and Chelsea College Under Threat?


There is a very nasty rumour currently circulating in the North Kensington community that the Kensington and Chelsea College in Wornington Road has been sold to RBKC and that the future of education at this location may be under imminent threat.

We have obtained a copy of an Emergency Resolution submitted to the new Mayor of London by the Kensington Constituency Labour Party asking for his intervention following the apparent ‘fire sale’ of this much loved and vital local adult education centre:


“Kensington CLP calls upon the Mayor of London urgently to initiate an independent review of the reasons behind the sudden “fire sale” of Kensington and Chelsea College in Wornington Road, W10 to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. This review should investigate the corporate governance, finances and marketing strategies of the College that provoked this decision and most importantly, the effect that the loss of this College will have on the further education prospects and life chances of some very disadvantaged people living in North Kensington and the surrounding area. The CLP also calls on the Mayor to require the College and the Royal Borough to put the purchase of this site on hold until there has been a full and proper scrutiny of the proposal.”

The Grenfell Action Group has written to RBKC requesting clear information regarding the future of this much valued community asset and we will publish these details as soon as we have them.

In the meantime, the future of adult education in the North of the Borough looks to be in a precarious position. The community will require credible assurances from those in power at RBKC that the Kensington and Chelsea College in Wornington Road will remain open as a vital resource for our community and will continue to provide excellent educational opportunities to one of the most marginalised and neglected communities in the whole of the UK.

Closing this college, if that is what RBKC intends, will not be seen simply as yet more asset stripping by RBKC, it will be seen as an attack on the heart of our community which will be robustly opposed and responded to.

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