manifestationSATURDAY 18th JUNE, 1PM 

Meet on Torrington Square outside Birkbeck ready to have  fun…bring music + banners! flares + friends! —

Over 1000 students are on rent strike for a fairer future at UCL and the stakes have never been higher. Having patronised and ignored rent strikers for months, UCL management say those on strike face fines and debt collection.

We will NOT be ignored.
We will NOT be intimidated.

When UCL management treat their students with such contempt, UCL Cut the Rent believe it is simply unethical to allow prospective students to be blinded by the spectacle of UCL open day.

Unless UCL meaningfully negotiate with the #rentstrike, we will have no choice but to disrupt their hollow marketing.

UCL say they “don’t consider low-income students when setting rents”: Join us and our ~sound system~ as we make them think twice!

We are issuing an ultimatum: if UCL doesn’t offer the strikers significant rent cuts, we’ll cut the rent ourselves…

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