There can be no better example of corrupt power and lack of scrutiny than the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation. The Council’s long-arm landlord has made the life of tenants and leaseholders a misery for many years and instead of being held to account by the Local Authority the TMO enjoy an unholy relationship that allows them to act with impunity. Anyone seeing the heartless RBKC Head of Housing, Laura Johnson and the sleazy TMO Director, Robert Black, together will realise that accountability, scrutiny and justice for victims of the TMO are very low priorities indeed.

However, a recent post on the excellent Hornet’s Nest website has attracted in excess of 100 comments all of which paint the TMO in an appalling light and suggest that actions maybe afoot to end the TMO’s reign of terror.

Among the comments listed there are some serious allegations leveled at senior members of the TMO Board that include charges that Cllr Maighread Condon Simmonds has used her position at the TMO to award a gardening prize to a friend who does not even have a personal garden and that she has helped her favorite gardener at the TMO to access lucrative contracts through the Area Review Board fund. There are also serious allegations made about the storage of pornography on TMO computers, the objectification of women, bullying and intimidation and of false accounting.

The comments on the Hornet’s Nest also go on to give details of Robert Black’s Linkedin page that show he has no formal academic qualifications to run a large social housing operation and that the man is not even capable of correctly spelling words like “business” and “authorities”. For someone who is happy to put his hand out and accept a salary approximate to that of the Prime Minister one would expect some proper qualifications (outside of attending an art school and graduating with a Diploma in Art) or at least the basic ability to use the English language in it’s correct form:


Finally, there is a call on the Hornet’s Nest blog for victims of the TMO to get active and find a way to dis-empower the TMO Board and to bring in people who have the necessary empathy and qualifications to run our properties in a respectful and professional manner and to put an end to the cosy relationship between certain TMO Board Members and the RBKC. There is talk of an organising meeting and a petition calling for the sacking of the TMO Board. The Grenfell Action Group understand as well as any the impact of the mini mafia who pretend to be a proper functioning organisation but instead make it their business to go after any residents who have the temerity to stand up to them and we will be publishing details of any future meetings or petitions here on our blog. The days of the TMO running rough shod over tenants and leaseholders maybe coming to an end and we intend to help expose the abuse and ill-treatment of our community until someone in power takes notice and holds the guilty to account at the TMO.


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