Flood at the New Pools


The above photograph is one that the RBKC would rather you did not see. In stark contrast to the idyllic images that adorned the construction hoardings of the new Kensington Sports Centre, this picture reveals a much more slippery reality. Instead of a brand new and functioning sports centre, we find various plastic buckets and accompanying “do not slip” warning signs being placed near the entrance after a rain shower caused the roof to leak. These leaks are not just a health and safety problem. They reveal that in settling for a pure cowboy job in the construction of the new Leisure Centre, the RBKC has also betrayed its promise to this community to deliver up-to-standard facilities.

The Grenfell Action Group have warned all along that the quality of works to both the Kensington Aldridge Academy and the Sports Centre was sub-standard. It looks like our worst fears have now been confirmed. The flooded area at the new Sports Centre is not confined to the entrance hallway, but is also a major problem in the Sports Hall and swimming areas. Being only a year old, it seems like the new Sports Centre building is already not fit for purpose. Let’s hope that the RBKC have a good penalty clause written into the construction contract, and that they don’t find that Robert Lynch (Project Manager) and the construction company, Leadbitters, have done a bunk!

It is telling that the Grenfell Action Group’s photographer was threatened and ordered not to take the above photograph by staff and management at the Sports Centre. Of course, no valid reason for this censure was forthcoming. But we can assume that it has something to do with the RBKC’s embarrassment in having paid so much for a building that only a year on is already tearing at the seams. No doubt, the RBKC will come up with an excuse for the evidently poor quality of the workmanship. We can also rest assured that the RBKC will let this obvious waste of vital council tax resources (on a sub-standard sports hall) slip under the carpet.

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