Doing us down!

silchesterOver recent months there seems to be a focused attempt by persons unknown to rubbish the working class community of North Kensington, demonise local people as criminals and call for the demolition of our homes.

First of all, in February 2016, a petition appeared on the RBKC website that described Dixon, Markland and Frinstead Houses as “incredibly run down, dirty and abandoned”. In addition, it suggested that the Silchester Estate is both not integrated into the wider community and that it is also a hot bed of criminal activity. The petition called for the demolition of the run down towers of North Kensington and for them to be replaced with “decent” housing — the suggestion being that this would somehow result in a crime free area. The petition attracted four signatories and we have included a copy of the highly offensive prayer below:

Demolish the run down towers of North Kensington and replace with decent housing

No of signatures: 4

E-Petition Status: Live

Lead Petitioner: Andy Comte-Lenestour

Closing Date: Jul 31 2016 12:00AM

Andy Comte-Lenestour, London, Feb 18 2016 12:34PM

Pedro Campos, London, Feb 29 2016 4:40PM

Julia Torr, London, Feb 29 2016 5:29PM

Jordana Yechiel, London, May 18 2016 5:00PM

We do not know the individuals behind this vile attempt to smear our community and we don’t know if it is the same group of individuals who have set up the following rather sinister Facebook page with the apparent sole aim of discrediting our way of life and painting North Kensington as a violent and gang run no go area:

“Silchester and North Kensington regeneration”


The benefits of regeneration to the Silchester and North Kensington communities. Designing out crime and antisocial behaviour


The Silchester area and the wider North Kensington area have been and continue to be a target for gangs and criminals. Everyday in our streets some sort of crime, delinquency or antisocial behaviour takes place. Regeneration has been proven effective in breaking away gangs and organised crimes who are usually part of a local support network. It is important that we embrace the regeneration projects from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea so we can finally look forward to a safer neighbourhood. It is also likely to create jobs with new retail units and much needed housing.

We do not know if any of the individuals involved with this petition or Facebook page are linked to Cllr Feilding Mellen or RBKC Council, or are acting in the interests of property developers. What we do know is that these individuals are not interested in seeking meaningful solutions to any of the social issues faced by our community.

We of the Grenfell Action Group believe that the supporters and agents of social cleansing are pro-active and we intend to expose whoever is behind the facile and ignorant mantra that demolishing our homes will bring any positive benefits to existing tenants or to the wider community.


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