West London Citizens-The return of the vultures!


Disturbing news has reached the Grenfell Action Group that the “cultural tourists” who represent West London Citizens are trying to ingratiate themselves onto the Silchester Estate. The Grenfell Action Group believe that West London Citizens are agents of social cleansing and are working hand in hand with the neo-Cons in Hornton Street to destroy our working class community. We believe that West London Citizens have piggy-backed themselves into the North Kensington housing debate on the back of genuine community groups who should know better than to be conned into surrendering the choice about our own housing futures to a group of socially bankrupt outsiders.

In their publication entitled “North Kensington Housing Inquiry Report” the West London Citizens give their explicit support to regeneration and even have the temerity to boast that their involvement in the social cleansing of North Kensington would help “enable regeneration to take place more swiftly”. They bleat on about trying to secure residents the “right to return” completely ignoring the fact that RBKC removed this specific guarantee from the final “Decant Policy” back in 2011.

At the time, the Grenfell Action Group directly challenged Cllr Paget Brown and Cllr Feilding Mellen as to why the guaranteed “right to return” had been deleted from the final “Decant Policy” document and we were told that this was because the Council could not guarantee  that residents would be actually able to return to their original community. We would like to ask West London Citizens where was their input and concern when the “Decant Policy” was being formulated and why do they think they can influence a evil and hateful policy that was decided five years ago much to the detriment of social housing tenants?

We believe that the West London Citizens Inquiry Report is misleading our community by suggesting to residents that they are in a position to promote regeneration as an answer to more affordable “social” housing, better quality housing with bigger properties and safer neighbourhoods with more green space. To add insult to injury, these impostors are also very keen that they take advantage of the proposed Silchester regeneration by recommending that Imperial Medical School are given a share of properties in the new regeneration scheme for cheap rent in exchange for care work and mentoring. What a cheek!

We have a strong and explicit message for the residents of Silchester Estate.. do not trust or enter into any partnership with West London Citizens. The Grenfell Action Group believe that they are agents of social cleansing and do not have the best interest of this community at heart. If they end up at your doorstep asking questions we advise that you challenge their record of collusion with the neo-Cons at RBKC and refuse to answer their questions. We do not need West London Citizens polluting North Kensington and muddying the waters with regards to regeneration and the futures of our homes.

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