Still crapping on us!

If any more evidence was needed to highlight the appalling manner with which senior members of the management team at the TMO treat the residents of Grenfell Tower then they need look no further than the pile of pigeon crap that sits just feet away from the doorway to our building and meters away from the entrance to the Grenfell Under 3 creche.

Despite the efforts of our new estate manager, Millicent Williams, it is our perception that the likes of the TMO’s  Kiran Signh, Peter Maddison and Claire Williams (all of whom the Grenfell Action Group believe have a long history of treating our community with contempt) have no regard for the welfare or the health and safety of the residents of Grenfell Tower or for the young children at the Grenfell Creche and appear happy to let our residential amenity fall into a state of shocking disrepair just months after the completion of a near £10 million improvement work scheme.

Despite the long standing complaints of local residents and our RBKC Labour Councillors it seems the TMO will take no responsibility for sanctioning the works needed to fence off the unsightly piping where these birds roost and prevent a build up of dangerous and unhealthy pigeon excrement. When we approached the TMO to find out why this situation has been allowed to persist we were simply informed that there is no money in their budget to address this matter.

We find the fact that the TMO have the temerity to blame a lack of funds on the reason behind their inability to find a workable solution to our legitimate concerns deeply galling as just a few meters away from where these photo’s were taken the TMO are spending many thousands of pounds of rent payers money doing up their own plush offices in the old EMB community rooms. If there is so much money sloshing around for the TMO to feather their own nest then we have the right to question why there is no money available to ensure the health and safety of local residents and young children visiting the Grenfell Creche?


Health and safety!

Unfortunately, the issues facing leaseholders and tenants in Grenfell Tower are not limited to the matters addressed above.  It is a sad fact that following the horrific double stabbing that occurred in Grenfell Tower on the 23rd September and despite the concerns raised by local residents and our Councillors the entrance front door to Grenfell Tower is broken and remains permanently ajar so that anyone who chooses can gain access to our building. Nothing, to date, appears to have been done by the TMO to remedy this serious, unsettling and potentially dangerous situation.


The entrance to Grenfell Tower with the broken door lying on the floor in the background!

It is utterly shameful that our landlord, the TMO, have not been able to organise to fix the lock on the front door and have have not even bothered to communicate with residents to offer any sort of reassurance since the horrific attack occurred in our building in late September. Residents of Grenfell Tower are also seeking assurances from the TMO that the security CCTV cameras in our lifts and entrance hallway are working and are able to record (for a sustained period of time) who enters and leaves our building.

Many residents of Grenfell Tower impacted by this attack remain extremely worried, upset and deeply saddened by these shocking events and we understand that some of the parents using the ground floor nursery have also expressed concerns for their and their children’s safety which cannot be helpful when the Grenfell Creche is trying to re-establish itself in the new premises. It is truly appalling that the TMO and the local Met police have not put out any sort of statement, reassurance, etc. to the residents of Grenfell Tower and especially to the other inhabitants on the floor where the attack occurred. What on earth are the TMO managers and their army of community liaison people at the TMO Resident Engagement Team thinking of and what do they spend their time doing to actually justify their generous salaries?

By way of comparison, a fellow resident of the Rotten Borough who lives off Ladbroke Road by Holland Park Tube has informed the Grenfell Action Group that they had 3 visits from the local police when their neighbour was a victim of crime and had her bag snatched outside their flat a few weeks ago.  It looks like the old story of one service for residents of the Borough who live in private housing in Tory controlled Wards and another kind of service for those who live at the mercy of the TMO, in social housing, in Labour controlled Wards. The local Met police and the TMO should reflect on their treatment of our community and then hang their heads in deep shame!

The Grenfell Action Group understand that those with power at the TMO are more keen to find a reason to try and lay the blame at the feet of the residents who live in their tenancies than they are to take any effective action to remedy the legitimate problems that are brought to their attention. While this obscene culture of victim blaming persists the tenants and leaseholders of Grenfell Tower know that our lives will continue to be blighted by the TMO which we believe has shown itself, time and time again, to be a mini mafia, an evil racket and a totally dysfunctional organisation not worthy of being tasked with the responsibility of delivering an effective housing service to it’s residents.

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