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Grenfell Tower – The Truth Will Out

On Wednesday 21st June the Chief Executive of RBKC resigned. In a statement CEO Nicholas Holgate said that the Government’s Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid, had ‘required’ the leader of the Council to demand his resignation. Council leader Nick Paget-Brown, affectionately … Continue reading

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What Future For Wornington College?

As with the fire safety issue at Grenfell Tower and elsewhere in the borough, this is another issue which we have covered at some length, since May 2016 when it first came to our attention.  Below is a list of … Continue reading

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Grenfell Tower Fire – The Forgotten Forgotten Victims

“When society places hundreds of proletarians in such a position that they inevitably meet a too early and an unnatural death, one which is quite as much a death by violence as that by the sword or bullet; its deed … Continue reading

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Grenfell Tower – The KCTMO Culture Of Negligence

The many who lost their lives in the Grenfell Tower catastrophe were our friends and neighbours. We tried to speak for them in life and we will continue to speak for them now. We share the pain of the homeless, … Continue reading

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Watching breaking news about the Grenfell Tower fire catastrophe. Too soon (5am) to even guess at numbers of casualties and fatalities. Our heartfelt and sincere condolences to all who have perished, to the injured, to those who are bereaved or … Continue reading

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KCC – Clear And Present Danger

Back in April 2016 the Grenfell Action Group published a blog highlighting our concerns regarding the long term future of Wornington College. We provided a link to a RBKC Cabinet Key Decision report (KD04801R) that revealed that the Wornington College … Continue reading

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