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Combustible Cladding – Early Warnings Ignored!

There has been a good deal of controversy lately over the proposed public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire which claimed an as yet undetermined number of lives and left many hundreds more homeless and traumatised. The controversy began with … Continue reading

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KCTMO – FOI Double Talk And Double Standards

Just a few days ago I received an email from Sinead McQuillan, the latest in a long line of TMO company secretaries, in which she refused my request for a report commissioned by the KCTMO twelve years ago in 2005. … Continue reading

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KCTMO – Housing Management for the People, by the People?

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KCC Merger – Partner or Prey?

Apologies are in order, first of all, to our friends and colleagues in the Save Wornington College Campaign for our recent exclusive focus on the truly terrible events at Grenfell Tower. This has caused us to somewhat neglect the Wornington … Continue reading

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A beautiful message to the Grenfell community, from the housing estates of East London Residents of council tower blocks and estates across East and South London dropped 22 banners – one for each of the 22 residential floors in the … Continue reading

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In their infinite wisdom and supreme arrogance – what else could we expect of them? – the British Government has announced, without any attempt at public consultation, or any attempt to consider the sensitivities of the bereaved who lost loved … Continue reading

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