The Grenfell Action Group blog has been in crisis since the inferno that destroyed Grenfell Tower on 14th June. Our core group fractured, due partly to the dislocation of key members and the ongoing communication problems that ensued, but also because of the emotional and psychological impact of that night and its aftermath on those same key members, and on the whole editorial team. We have still not recovered, and it won’t have escaped the notice of our readers that we haven’t posted a new blog for several weeks.

However, something extraordinary and totally unexpected happend just a few days ago that has breathed new life into our blog and given us a renewed sense of purpose. We were approached by some local activists and invited to collaborate with them on what can only be describrd as a truly amazing project, the purpose of which is to translate information vital to the many survivors and bereaved of that terrible night into their native languages.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the information available, about essential medical and emotional support, legal issues, housing and key worker updates, even the financial support available to survivors and survivor families, is confusing and labyrinthine. Imagine trying to decipher, or even access all that, when your command of the english language, in which most of it is printed, is imperfect or perhaps even non-existent. This has been the reality for many survivors until recently.

That all changes now. Many vital documents are being translated into 20 different languages (21 if you includine english) and several have already been completed. We at the Grenfell Action Group feel honoured and blessed to be allowed to participate in helping to publicize this project and facilitate access to these translated documents, some of which are available now and more will be forthcoming in the weeks and months ahead. We are hoping to continue our support by publishing links on this blog regularly, but you can also access them directly via the mother site:

There’s also a twitter account  @HereTranslation for updates and if you wish to comment or there is any way you feel you can help please email;

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