So here is the second installment in this series intended to publicise the fabulous new translation facility refered to in our last blog. As stated in that first blog you can access these translations of documents which may be important to survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire, whose first language is not english, and who may struggle to fully understand the detail of the legal and other documents, that may be helpful and perhaps of great importance to them.

Currently the translations exist in; Somali, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Tigrinya, Turkish, Tagalog, Russian, Japanese, Urdu, Pashto, Amharic and Farsi.

It is our understanding that other languages can be accommodated if there is a demand for them. We also understand that the creators of this service are hoping to produce a series of podcasts, perhaps in video format but more likely audio files, for those who may be unable to read their native language very well but may benefit from hearing the spoken word. Please share this information as widely as you can, particularly with any survivors you know who may benefit from this service.

Please remember also that all this material is available directly from;


We are very honoured in the Grenfell Action Group that the providers of this service have chosen, as their first collaboration with us, to feature one of our own more recent blogs and that they intend to translate a series of significant blogs from our site for future publication:

KCTMO – FOI double talk and double standards

KCTMO – FOI ሁለት ወሬ እና ባለሁለት አይነት የህግ ትግበራ

KCTMO – Hadalka Labba Afka ah iyo Miisaanka Kala Duwan ee FOI

KCTMO – Evasivas sobre la Libertad de Información y doble rasero

KCTMO – FOI double langage et normes à deux vitesses

KCTMO – FOI tra ambiguità e incoerenze

Administrator lokali dla Kensington i Chelsea (KCTMO) – rozbieżne komunikaty i podwójne standardy ws. dostępu do informacji

KCTMO – FOI Vorba cu Două Înțelesuri și Standardele Inegale

Kensington és Chelsey bérlő menedzsment szervezet (KCTMO) – információszabadságról szóló törvény Halandzsa és Kettős Értékrend

KCTMO – Discurso ambíguo e dois pesos e duas medidas para a liberdade de informação

KCTMO – FOI ዕጽፊ ዘረባን ዕጽፊ መለክዒታት

KCTMO – Bilgi Edinme Özgürlüğü Hususunda Laf Kalabalığı ve Çifte Standart

KCTMO – Dobleng Usapan at Dobleng Pamantayan

Свобода информации или двусмысленные речи и двойные стандарты управляющей организации Кенсингтона и Челси

KCTMO – FOI दोहरी बात= एवं दोहरे मानदंड

KCTMO – FOI ি/চািরতা এবং 6/ত ব(বহার


کے سی ٹی ایم او ۔ ایف او آئی کی دہری بات اور دہرے معیارات

دوه ګوني خبري او دوه ګوني معیارونھ KCTMO – FOI

شركة كينغستون وتشيلسي لإدارة شؤون المستأجرين – حرية
المعلومات: الكلام المزدوج والمعايير المزدوجة

– (KTCMO) سازمان مدیریت مستاجرین کنزینگتون وچلسی
جملات دوپھلو و استانداردھای دوگانھ آزادی اطلاعات

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