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Joe Delaney – The Second Interview

In this second interview, conducted by Robert Stevens for WSWS on 21 March 2018, Joe Delaney speaks about his initial involvement in tenants housing issues in North Kensington and the Grenfell Action Group, his thoughts on the Grenfell fire and … Continue reading

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Recent revelations about the shenanagins at the allegedly reformed RBKC have been less than reassuring for residents of the Rotten Borough’s social housing estates. Some weeks ago it was revealed that RBKC would be transferring most of the employees of … Continue reading

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Grenfell Activist Responds To Right-wing Media Attacks

Joe Delaney, a local resident, has a record of seeking justice for the victims and survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire that has earned him the affection and respect of the entire local community in North Kensington. Having lived in … Continue reading

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Urgent – RBKC Leadership Team Meeting 22nd March

There is an answer to this question, but it is not a simple one to explain. Politics and law are often complicated; but what is truly disgraceful is how RBKC are trying to sneak decisions through that could protect staff … Continue reading

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Information emerged last week via the North Kensington Community Engagement Team that police tested a fire door recovered from Grenfell Tower and it did not meet the fire resistance performance expected under building regulations guidance. More information on this and … Continue reading

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