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KCTMO – FOI Double Talk And Double Standards

Just a few days ago I received an email from Sinead McQuillan, the latest in a long line of TMO company secretaries, in which she refused my request for a report commissioned by the KCTMO twelve years ago in 2005. … Continue reading

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KCTMO – Housing Management for the People, by the People?

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Silchester Financial Viability Assessment

Councillor Feilding-Mellen and his quislings at RBKC (the likes of local boy “made bad” Martin Mortimer, the “cultural tourists” from West London Citizens, and ex Lambeth and Hammersmith and Fulham Council “serial regenerator” Saddiqa Islam ) are pressing on relentlessly … Continue reading

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Freedom of Information And The Arrogance of Power

On 12th April we made a request to RBKC under the Freedom of Information Act for the Part B report and minutes of the Cabinet meeting on 19th November last year at which approval was granted to lease the Westway … Continue reading

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TMO Freedom of Information Fiasco

A representative of the Grenfell Action Group recently made, on our behalf, a request under the Freedom of information Act from the TMO. He was seeking assurances, as well as evidence, that the TMO had informed and instructed Rydon’s, the … Continue reading

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