A Special Invitation


The Grenfell Action Group would like to extend a warm invitation to all the Borough Councillors to visit Lancaster West Estate in W11 for an informal walkabout to see with your own eyes how our housing estate has been allowed to deteriorate into a near slum after years of lack of investment and neglect at the hands of the Council/TMO.

There will be Estate Walkabouts scheduled for:
Tuesday 11th Sept at 2.00pm
Saturday 15th Sept at 11.00am.

The alternative dates should provide the optimum opportunity for you ALL to attend.
Please meet in the car-park (next to the soon to be bulldozed football pitches) opp the Methodist Church in Lancaster Road.


Despite the impending imposition into our community of the new Kensington Academy and Leisure Centre (KALC), the vast majority of Lancaster West Estate has seen no significant investment in the past 40 years and, as a consequence of this neglect, the Estate’s housing stock now resembles a ghetto.

Our heating system (when working!) pumps out water so hot it is a Health and Safety risk and our windows are draughty, dangerous and certainly no longer fit for purpose.
Many fearful and frightened residents face the prospect of their homes being turned into a giant building site without any adequate protection from the dust or noise pollution during the construction of KALC.

The exterior of the Estate is crumbling and has an appearance of dereliction while very few improvements have been initiated to the interior of any of our properties in many, many years.
Come and speak to residents and hear their concerns about anti-social behaviour on the Estate and the lack of police response or adequate security.

Finally, in addition to a tour of Lancaster West Estate, Councillors will also be shown where our young people are now being forced to play their five a side football on pitches just yards away from the slip road off a polluted motorway at the nearby Westway Sports Centre! Some Olympic legacy there!!!


Lancaster West has become known as the “forgotten Estate” and this situation cannot be allowed to persist in one of the richest Boroughs in the land.

If 32 million pounds can be frittered away to provide paving stones in Exhibition Road (and an extra million for the recent farcical jolly up!) then the Borough’s Councillors need to examine their consciences, sort out their priorities and find a way to support investment in real people with real housing needs.

Local residents understand, however, that it is not only money that will help solve our problems but also the need for a sea-change of opinion from those with power and influence in Hornton Street.

A move away from complacency and disinterest to treating all residents (whether living in the north or south of the Borough) with respect and dignity.

Please take this opportunity to visit our community, engage with our issues, talk with your colleagues and help initiate this change and improve the well-being of those living on Lancaster West.

Your presence on our Estate will signal to our community that the Council is ready to listen to our concerns and are willing to try and find a new and brighter way forward.

Your absence will speak volumes and consign our futures to a bleak and dark abyss………….


Grenfell Action Group


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