Nothing highlights the rotten state of the Royal Borough more than the tragic and inhuman treatment of 90 year old community elder Jim Vickers who appears to have fallen victim to a bunch of spiv property developers acting with the collusion of certain RBKC officers.

It is fortunate that the redoubtable Hornet’s Nest blog is onto this shocking case as it seems that some council officers are not behaving in the best interests of a vulnerable resident who, as a Gurka soldier, has served his country with such courage and distinction.

Instead of working to safeguard the well-being of Mr Vickers it seems that the RBKC are intent on assisting in depriving him of the home he has occupied for the past forty odd years.

The conduct of a senior social worker within RBKC has come under special scrutiny and one can only wonder what would motivate such an officer to behave in this manner?
The Hornet’s Nest is requesting that the wider community show our support for Jim Vickers and this can be done by letting the Council know your feelings by leaving a comment on the Honet’s blog:

Insufficient comments mean that councillors and officers don’t take the issue seriously. A comment from you might just make a difference to the fate of this poor old man, on the edge of death, who just wants to return to his home.

Please post your comments on the Hornet’s Nest blog without delay as this matter is scheduled for decision in the courts very soon.

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