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Fuel Poverty Action – Letter To The Secretary of State

Below is a letter sent on 17th May by Fuel Poverty Action to the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, immediately after the government’s announcement that they would “fully fund” replacement of flammable cladding … Continue reading

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FBU – Foam Insulation Banned In Furniture Since 1988

Marking eleven months since the tragic Grenfell Tower fire disaster, which claimed the lives of so many men, women and children, the community turned out again on Monday for yet another silent march demanding justice and truth for the survivors … Continue reading

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Rydon, the construction company that refurbished Grenfell Tower prior to the fire last June that cost so many innocent lives, enjoyed a 50% increase in profits last year to £19 million and increased the salary of its highest-paid director by … Continue reading

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Grenfell – Leaked Report Reveals Gross Negligence

Survivor groups have reacted with anger after a leaked draft of a report into the Grenfell Tower fire revealed the blaze would have had little opportunity to spread beyond the flat it started in, had the building not been renovated … Continue reading

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FPA – New Campaign for Safe Cladding and Insulation Now!

The atrocity of Grenfell has exposed a series of disaster areas that are set to cause yet more destruction and loss of life, all around the country. In every area people are fighting for safety and security in our housing. … Continue reading

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