Home Sweet Home – Life in a 21st Century slum!


The Grenfell Action Group applauded the actions of the Leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council, Nick Paget Brown when he came to talk with stakeholders on Lancaster West back in the Autumn of 2013.

Councillor Paget Brown visited the Estate with his fellow Tory Councillor, Barbara Campbell, and listened as residents explained how they felt deeply embarrassed and ashamed to live on Lancaster West Estate following forty years of neglect and non-investment in our homes and residential amenity by the RBKC and the TMO.

At the time, it appeared that our visitors from Hornton St. had taken on board the legitimacy of our concerns and a way could be found for the Council to formulate a long term plan for investment in Lancaster West that would include all the existing residents of our community.

However, by the time stakeholders from Lancaster West met with Councillor Paget Brown again, in late November 2013, his attitude had hardened considerably, possibly under the more malevolent influence of Councillor Feilding Melling and Laura Johnson (Director of Housing), and relations took a nose dive when the Leader of the Council began to intimate that our housing conditions were actually fine and that we had nothing to complain about.

The Grenfell Action Group will shortly be blogging on this subject in more detail but in the meantime we will begin a monthly feature where we will upload photos from Lancaster West Estate that highlight the legitimacy of our claims that we are now forced to live in slum like conditions as a result of Council/TMO neglect. The below photo resembles much of the environment on Lancaster West and is actually the entrance to the Estate’s “Community Hall”.

Shame on the Council and TMO for allowing our homes and residential amenity to become unfit for human occupation!

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