Marlborough School – Speaking Truth To Power


The Grenfell Action Group commends the efforts of the Save Malborough Committee for their valiant attempts to prevent a much loved Victorian school building and playground, located in the South of the Rotten Borough, from being bulldozed to make way for obsolete office space and vanity, high-end, handbag shops.

We highly recommend that you read a copy of the Save Malborough Committee’s excellent speech to the Full Council Meeting held at the Town Hall, Hornton Street on Wednesday 6th October that fully exposes the highly dubious process that has allowed the Council’s Planning Dept. and their poodles at RBKC to destroy a much loved building and children’s play area with little or no regard for due process, morality or planning law. This speech is reproduced in full on the Hornet’s Nest blog and can be accessed via the following link:

The Grenfell Action Group greatly respects the way the Save Malborough Committee has stood up for local residents and has not been afraid to challenge the Council and speak truth to power. We can only hope that they do not become victims of the smear tactics and bullying that other campaigners who have dared to challenge this Council have experienced. The Grenfell Action Group believes it is a sad fact that a number of senior RBKC Councillors and Officers take perverse pleasure in stamping on and treating with contempt any civic minded citizens who dare put their heads above the parapet in an effort to oppose the Hornton Street Neo-Con money-making machine.

One day RBKC councillors may come to understand that the reason residents are up in arms is that the Council is simply handing over everything that local people hold dear and precious to spiv land and property developers. The Council’s endless pursuit of profit leaves the Borough a much poorer place and reveals the RBKC Councillors as morally bankrupt and spineless. Residents have a right to challenge the Council when they feel uncomfortable with its’ conduct, or that of the RBKC Planning Dept, and should be free to raise concerns without fear of recriminations. The consequence of speaking truth to power should be mutual respect and not vindictive persecution.

The Save Malborough Committee would greatly appreciate your help with their attempt to stop the Council building offices & shops on the Marlborough School playground, which they were intending to do without the permission of the Secretary of State.

The Department for Education has now asked RBKC to submit a Section 77 application for the disposal of the playground they intend to build on. The Public Consultation ends on 6th November and we need as many people as possible to email the Council to say “I object” and give a reason why (asking for a reply to confirm receipt).

The consultation email address is:

In addition, please support the Save Malborough Committee by signing the petition below:

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