Rachmanism Alive And Well In RBKC


Over the past month the excellent Hornet’s Nest blog has gone out of its way to draw attention to the shocking treatment of a respected community elder in the south of the Rotten Borough at the hands of spiv property developers who appear to be working hand in hand with the RBKC Planning Dept.

We encourage our readers to follow the links below to learn how a vulnerable ninety year old resident has been bullied, mistreated and faces losing his home of over forty years, just so that a few vultures can make more filthy money.








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In the opinion of Grenfell Action Group members the treatment of Jim Vickers looks like a prime example of amoral property developers having the RBKC Planning Dept eating out of their grubby hands. On the above evidence, one would not be at all surprised to find that cosy relationships and the improper influence of spiv speculators on RBKC Planning Officers, possibly involving the greasing of palms, is more important than the well being of the Borough’s most vulnerable residents. Rachmanism, it seems, is alive and well in RBKC and those involved don’t appear to care who they hurt.

While The Hornet’ Nest continues to fight for Jim Vickers and highlight the role of the RBKC Planning Dept in this sorry saga please support this important campaign by leaving your thoughts on the comments page of the Hornet’s Nest blog.

Those sufficiently moved by Mr Vickers plight might also consider lobbying our local MP on his behalf. We believe Lady Borwick is already aware of this distressing case but we think that the greater the clamour for her direct intervention the more likely it is that she might feel compelled to act.

We in the The Grenfell Action Group believe that “sunlight is the best disinfectant” and we are confident that the Hornet’s Nest investigation into the case of Jim Vickers will expose those who may have acted illegally within the RBKC Planning Dept. We hope that any Council Officers who may have worked against the interests of a respected community elder will be held to account and we believe that if the long arm of the Met. Police were extended into the the inner sanctum of the Hornton St Planning Dept it might just uncover a few collars worthy of being felt.

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