RockpieOn Monday 7th March members of the Grenfell Action Group and the Radical Housing Network targeted the home of Cllr Rock Feilding-Mellen and executed a mock eviction  of RBKC’s despised Cabinet Member for Housing, Property and REGENERATION.

We are hoping that this is a model of political protest that might spread across different London Boroughs’ in an attempt to hold Councillors to direct account when they refuse to listen to the voices of local communities and instead take decisions that favour spiv property developers and their bankster friends.

mock eviction, 7.3.16IMG_0922We are concerned that Cllr Feilding-Mellen thinks that it is acceptable to buy a property in the heart of a working class community in North Kensington and then proceed to make it publicly known that he believes that only people with enough money should be able to live in the richest borough in the universe.

In order to achieve his fascist goals we believe that Cllr Feilding-Mellen is setting about eradicating social housing in RBKC and pursuing an evil policy of social cleansing that will bring much misery to local people and will, no doubt, greatly increase the value of his own house as he sets about his mission of gentrifying Notting Dale and driving out the poor.


We believe that Cllr Feilding-Mellen has made a grave misjudgment if he thinks that he can act like the Lord of the Manor, living safely and securely in his private residence in Bramley Road, as he looks down his nose and oversees the mass destruction of his neighbours homes and the uprooting of existing and settled communities on the Silchester Estate just a hundred yards away!

The Grenfell Action Group can assure Cllr Feilding-Mellen of one thing – we will not let him take advantage of us and wantonly vandalise our communities without opposing him and his policies all the way.



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