We in the Grenfell Action Group would like to express our congratulations on your appointment as Leader elect of Kensington and Chelsea Council, and for finally ending the Cockell cabal that has been inflicted on residents for the past thirteen years.

The Grenfell Action Group wishes to acknowledge your decency and openness during the election process and particularly your courage in posting your manifesto on the Hornet’s Nest website, thereby letting ordinary residents know what you were standing for.

Members of the Grenfell Action Group, the Lancaster West Residents Association, and the Grenfell Tower Leaseholders Association are meeting with our MP, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, on Friday 10th May to highlight ongoing concerns with regards the loss of our rights-of-way across the Kensington Academy and Leisure Centre (KALC) site, lack of employment opportunities for local people on KALC, the delays to the Grenfell Tower Project and general concerns with regards what we see as the “managed decline” of Lancaster West Estate and the widespread fear that the Council may be intending to “socially cleanse” North Kensington and other vulnerable and poor communities in the Royal Borough.

We understand that you must be busy at this present time but the Grenfell Action Group, Lancaster West Residents Association and the Grenfell Leaseholders Association would welcome the opportunity to invite you to visit our community on Lancaster West Estate, in the near future, to discuss some of the same issues that we will be raising with Sir Malcolm and to hear from you how the Council plans to fund the long term investment needed in our homes.

We in the Grenfell Action Group genuinely hope that we can have an honest and open relationship with you in your role as Leader of the Royal Borough and, with this in mind, we wish you all the best for the future,

Kind regards,

Edward Daffarn

Grenfell Action Group

(Graphic: The Emperor’s New Clothes by Thorarinn Leifson)

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