Opera ProtestOn 15th April members of the Grenfell Action Group and Westway23 protested at the RBKC Town Hall against the threatened loss of our much loved Maxilla Children’s Centre and The Westway Stables.

We reported our visit to the Hornton Street circus in the following blog:

We ended that blog with the following warning to RBKC:

We will be returning to the Town Hall in the near future…We will defend the Westway Stables and we will fight for the return of Maxilla. There will be more of us and we will make our voice heard until we get what we want. Be warned that RBCK’s ritual abuse of North Kensington is about to be derailed.”

Those who know the Grenfell Action Group know also that when we promise something we keep that promise! We urge our supporters to join us for this creative and imaginative demonstration against the unjustifiable RBKC subsidy of Holland Park Opera!

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