GAG Petitions RBKC for New KCTMO Investigation

holmesIn November last year we posted a blog calling for a new open and fully independent investigation of the Kensington and Chelsea TMO. We did so because we believe this is the only way that the negligence, incompetence and systemic failings of the KCTMO can be exposed and meaningful change brought about.

Many local residents believe that the TMO is little better than a mini-mafia which treats its residents with contempt and never misses an opportunity to bully, intimidate, disrespect and belittle them. Complaining or mounting resistance to this dysfunctional organisation is futile as the TMO seems completely unable or unwilling to respond sympathetically to the legitimate concerns of residents.

Our blog was immediately picked up and fully supported by the highly respected and popular Hornet’s Nest blog where it attracted no less than 189 comments from the Hornet’s readers. Some of those comments advised us to launch a petition, and we decided to follow that advice.

We planned to submit a draft petition for publication on the Council website in the new year, believing that this would be the most direct route to the RBKC Cabinet and would also serve as a guarantee that all the petition signatories were residents of the Royal Borough. Unfortunately our initial attempts at launching this petition fell foul of the RBKC bureaucracy and ultimately failed, so we tried again recently and this time our efforts were successful. This week our petition went live on the Council website:

Call for Independent Investigation of KCTMO

We, the undersigned, petition the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to commission a thorough and independent investigation of the management culture of the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation to determine whether KCTMO is fit for purpose and whether negligence, incompetence or malpractice exists at any level of the organisation. We further petition the Council to publish the investigator’s report in full and to implement any remedial actions recommended in that report.

We urge all our readers and all right minded residents of RBKC who have witnessed or experienced the endemic negligence, incompetence and systemic failings of the KCTMO to sign our petition via the link above. We know that the Council does not want another investigation of the TMO, so we need as many signatures as we can get to put enough pressure on Cabinet to force them to finally take notice of the concerns of the many residents who have suffered under, and are hugely dissatisfied with the TMO.

Please join us in this important campaign!

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